Getting Started with GeoJSON Files

What is a GeoJSON file?

A GeoJSON file is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. In Whimsy Maps, GeoJSON files are the data representation used to represent the relevant regions you'd like to display in your Whimsy map. Without this file, Whimsy will not know how to break your map into regions for display.

Where do I get a GeoJSON file for my map?

Google is the most effective tools for finding a GeoJSON file. Simply search for "GeoJSON" plus the location of your desired map, and, finally, the type of regions you would like to use. For example if you wanted a map of counties of New Jersey, you would Google, "GeoJSON New Jersey by County". Files ending in .json, .geojson, or .geo.json will work.

Below is a list of useful sites to get you started:

Converting Other Map Data Types to GeoJSON

You can use to convert some data files to GeoJSON. Drag and drop the file you wish to convert. After the data appears in your browser window, click "Export". Choose "GeoJSON" from the choices.

Helpful GeoJSON tools